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Idaho Charter School Parents Stand in Front of White House

“Our Children, Our Choice, Can’t Silence Our Voice”

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Group of Idaho parents participate in rally against new proposed CSP regulations by Ashley Cotton and Lindsay Trombly Like many [Chicano, LantinX] children who grew up in rural Texas during the 70’s and 80’s, my mother is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to the United States in hopes of providing better opportunities for their family. She spent most…

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Students singing at Compass Public Charter School

Idaho Charter School Market Analysis

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EXPLORING GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES FOR IDAHO CHARTER SCHOOLS FULL REPORT IN THE NEWS: IdahoEdNews, KTVB Idaho faces a twin challenge in the market for public school students. First, the state needs higher-quality schools to give all its students access to great educational options. Despite the hard work of Idaho educators and many years of policy progress, Idaho students still struggle, with only…

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A student lays down on a blue carpet writing

Tips for Parents on How to Prepare Their Little Ones for Kindergarten

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by Lindsay Trombly For most families, back to school is top of mind this month, as students and parents prepare to dive back into learning. Last fall, Bluum and Public Impact partnered to curate a list of resources that families may use at home to support young learners—preschool to early elementary—during distance learning, which can still be helpful as students…

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A parent holding their child's hand to school

Cancel culture versus parent choice

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by Terry Ryan,  for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Flypaper Blog Can parent choice survive the cancel culture that is becoming ever more prevalent on both the political left and political right? What happens when the principles of diversity and choice in schools conflict with either the left’s or the right’s firm view of truth and falsehoods? How much leeway should…

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Follow Our Fellows – Building the Future

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Launched in 2016, Bluum’s Idaho New School Fellowship aims to transform education for Idaho’s neediest students by empowering educational leaders who are passionate about improving the prospects of children. We seek to recruit top education talent into the ranks of Idaho’s public school leadership. Amanda and Brad have worked intentionally to ensure their school is diverse-by-design; personally canvassing neighborhoods, visiting…

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This new charter school in Garden City is a ‘miracle’ for one family

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by Michael Katz, Idaho Statesman Considering where she and her family were just a year ago, the sight of Sara Aquino’s two daughters walking through the front doors of Future Public School in Garden City brought tears to her eyes. Aquino, her husband Kevin Matos, and their daughters Zoaris and Samaris moved to Boise from Puerto Rico seven months ago.…

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The Go-On Rate Debate: A Culture Of Low Expectations

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This post first appeared on Idaho Education News | By Angel Gonzales I am going to offer up what may be an unpopular opinion, Idaho’s 60 percent go-on rate goal is low, really low. I think about the goals that I would set for my children. I don’t want to see 40 percent of my children be unprepared for attaining…

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Demanding a Chance: Students sit next to each other working together on school work

Parents Support Charter Schools – And Want More

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Parents across the country like charter public schools, and want more of them. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released a national survey of parents last week that shows “78 percent of parents support having a charter public school in their neighborhood and 73 percent support more charter schools opening nationwide.” Further, “an equal number of parents support the idea of allowing parents to choose their child’s public school, regardless of where they live.”

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