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This new charter school in Garden City is a ‘miracle’ for one family

by Michael Katz, Idaho Statesman
Considering where she and her family were just a year ago, the sight of Sara Aquino’s two daughters walking through the front doors of Future Public School in Garden City brought tears to her eyes.
Aquino, her husband Kevin Matos, and their daughters Zoaris and Samaris moved to Boise from Puerto Rico seven months ago. Hurricane Maria had left the country in shambles; a good education for the girls was too expensive. So the family took the plunge and moved to Boise, where Matos has family.
After eventually finding an apartment, the issue of finding a school for Zoaris and Samaris reared its ugly head. Because of a hectic work schedule, Aquino needed a place where her daughters would not only learn, but would also be taken care of after school.

Just when she was out of ideas, Aquino checked her mailbox and found a flyer for a soon-to-be-opened charter school called Future Public School.
“I said to myself, this is going to be the answer,” Aquino said. “It was a miracle for us. This school was a miracle and the answer for everything that we need.”
Future Public School doesn’t officially open for classes until Aug. 27, but on Saturday, Aquino’s family and the Statesman received an exclusive first look at the school, which is located off East 43rd Street.


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