Mission & History

Committed to creating high-performing schools

Bluum’s efforts to launch, replicate, and expand high-performing schools are aligned to national standards for best practices.

We are not afraid to appropriate great ideas, models, talent and concepts from other states. As the nation’s fastest growing state, Idaho will take all the help it can get to ensure we are improving school options for our families and children.


We seek to:

DEVELOP Innovative Leaders
GROW Successful School Models
SHARE Research and Learning Innovations
PROVIDE School Support and Management Help

Idaho is well positioned to leap-frog the nation’s top performing states in education for both applying nationally effective practices, as well as supporting novel innovations – especially in rural – that are nationally transferable.

Idaho innovates. The state has the highest patents per capita and has among the highest number of PhD’s per capita. Idaho has the talent, energy and opportunity to improve its public K-12 system.

By staying focused on what works, Idaho’s new school sector can become a national model for improving student achievement and helping all children reach their fullest potential.