Idaho Charter School Parents Stand in Front of White House

“Our Children, Our Choice, Can’t Silence Our Voice”

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Group of Idaho parents participate in rally against new proposed CSP regulations by Ashley Cotton and Lindsay Trombly Like many [Chicano, LantinX] children who grew up in rural Texas during the 70’s and 80’s, my mother is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to the United States in hopes of providing better opportunities for their family. She spent most…

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Students singing at Compass Public Charter School

Idaho Charter School Market Analysis

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EXPLORING GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES FOR IDAHO CHARTER SCHOOLS FULL REPORT IN THE NEWS: IdahoEdNews, KTVB Idaho faces a twin challenge in the market for public school students. First, the state needs higher-quality schools to give all its students access to great educational options. Despite the hard work of Idaho educators and many years of policy progress, Idaho students still struggle, with only…

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A student lays down on a blue carpet writing

Tips for Parents on How to Prepare Their Little Ones for Kindergarten

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by Lindsay Trombly For most families, back to school is top of mind this month, as students and parents prepare to dive back into learning. Last fall, Bluum and Public Impact partnered to curate a list of resources that families may use at home to support young learners—preschool to early elementary—during distance learning, which can still be helpful as students…

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A parent holding their child's hand to school

Cancel culture versus parent choice

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by Terry Ryan,  for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Flypaper Blog Can parent choice survive the cancel culture that is becoming ever more prevalent on both the political left and political right? What happens when the principles of diversity and choice in schools conflict with either the left’s or the right’s firm view of truth and falsehoods? How much leeway should…

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School Open House, Big Success

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by Shay Angelo NAMPA, Idaho, October 2018: Gem Prep: Nampa held an open-house ceremony this month to celebrate the opening of their new school building located at 310 W. Iowa Avenue, Nampa, Idaho. The school community along with local business and education leaders attended the celebration. Students played an integral part in the ribbon cutting ceremony and festivities. A highlight of the…

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Educational Success for Kids Depends on the Existence of Choices

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by Candise Gilbert The necessity of selection began the moment I learned I would become a parent. It became my job, and truly my greatest passion to make choices I felt were in the best interest of my child. Every aspect of parenthood from diapering and feeding to sleeping and behavior includes a significant number of options. An even greater…

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A mother kisses her son on the cheek

Data Shows Rise in Idaho’s Hispanic Student Population

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by Angel Gonzalez Education facts from Idaho’s Hispanic Data Book Getting new data on education in Idaho is a treat, particularly for folks who are working to make data-driven decisions to improve our state’s system. There are few opportunities I get throughout the year where I am able to eagerly rummage through new data that tells a story about where…

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Expanding Excellence for Idaho’s Children

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By Suzanne Metzgar It may not be gaining national attention—at least not yet—but an educational renaissance is transpiring right here in the Gem State. Bluum is a new organization working to revolutionize educational opportunities for Idaho’s children. Our early successes, combined with the transformational work underway, has the potential to reshape the education landscape for future generations. Created just two…

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Parents’ Guide to School & Learning Options in Idaho

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Parents’ Guide To School & Learning Options in Idaho We’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to visit many schools across the Gem State – public district, public magnet, public charter, alternative, private, parochial and online. No matter the school type or the location, one common theme we’ve found in every school is parents who want the very bets opportunities for their…

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Guía de Padres – Para las Opciones de Escuela y Aprendizaje en Idaho

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Guía de Padres Para las Opciones de Escuela y Aprendizaje en Idaho Hemos tenido la oporunidad extraordinaria de visitar muchas escuelas por todo el Estado Gem – distrito público, magnetico público, chárter público, alternativa, privada, parroquial y por internet (online). No obstante el tipo de escuela o el sitio, un tema común pue encontramos en cada escuela son los padres que quieren…

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