Idaho Charter School Parents Stand in Front of White House

“Our Children, Our Choice, Can’t Silence Our Voice”

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Group of Idaho parents participate in rally against new proposed CSP regulations by Ashley Cotton and Lindsay Trombly Like many [Chicano, LantinX] children who grew up in rural Texas during the 70’s and 80’s, my mother is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to the United States in hopes of providing better opportunities for their family. She spent most…

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A parent holding their child's hand to school

Cancel culture versus parent choice

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by Terry Ryan,  for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Flypaper Blog Can parent choice survive the cancel culture that is becoming ever more prevalent on both the political left and political right? What happens when the principles of diversity and choice in schools conflict with either the left’s or the right’s firm view of truth and falsehoods? How much leeway should…

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Kids stand outside by the playground at Rolling Hills Public Charter School

Everything is FRAGILE

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Handle with Care Shane Pratt is a veteran educator in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, who recently shared this insight on navigating the effects of COVID-19 with his team of educators.  by Shane Pratt, Principal of Rolling Hills Public Charter School  With the lingering stresses of the pandemic and the consistent issues of life that present themselves, I cannot help but find…

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Compass charter school students talk to their professor in their classroom

School Culture is Key to Building a High Performing Model

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Compass Public Charter School, located in Meridian, has expanded several times since our inception in 2005. Having started as a K-7 school with 270 students and 12 employees, Compass has grown into a K-12 school of 860 students and 74 employees. This growth has provided the school with many opportunities to learn from mistakes and to build on successes.

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Students at the Nampa School District play educational games on computers

Charter Schools Should Not Have All the Fun

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One size does not fit all. Not clothes, not cars, not diets, not housing and, importantly, not schooling. Traditional, or what I will call “legacy” schools and school districts have focused on standardization, uniformity and predictability. Parents and state governments demanded it. It served our nation well for over 100 years. Times have changed, and so must we.

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