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Kids in a green classroom

New Charter School Receives Nearly $1 Million in Early Fundraising Efforts

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Since December, a highly anticipated school this fall in Idaho Falls has received in support from a variety of sources Alturas Preparatory Academy (APA), a new International Baccalaureate (IB) charter school founded as a sister school of Alturas International Academy (AIA) in Idaho Falls, has been awarded a competitive federal grant and has attracted numerous local donors eager to see…

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At the Wheel of Idaho’s Public Charter School Program

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by Terry Ryan & Roger Quarles This post originally appeared on the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Flypaper Blog A willfully one-sided and misguided “study” emerged the other day from something that calls itself the “Network for Public Education” that purports to show that the federal government has wasted a lot of money trying to expand and improve America’s public charter…

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The Squeeze – A case for fairness in facilities and funding in Idaho

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by Terry Ryan & Marc Carignan published by Idaho Education News 1/15/19 Idaho is one of the nation’s fastest growing states. Many of our schools are overcrowded, and our student demographics are changing rapidly. The state’s public charter school program is well-established over 20-years of work by educators, community groups, parents and students. Gem State charters are high-performing and capable…

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The hallway of the Idaho Capital Building

School Funding Formula Hijinks

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By Terry Ryan, originally posted on The Idaho Public School Funding Formula Committee (a group of state lawmakers, policy makers and education leaders) has spent the last three years convening multiple hearings in Boise and across the state to learn from Idaho educators, school board members, citizens, taxpayers, parents and outside experts what is working and what isn’t working…

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A student holds up a sign that says "Choice Means Hope" for National School Choice Week

Thousands wait for charter school seats

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Originally posted on on September 24, 2018 Thousands of children are waiting for a chance to enroll in one of Idaho’s charter schools. For some parents, getting in feels a little like winning the lottery. “We got lucky,” said Richard Petrus, whose granddaughter Audrey was one of 34 kindergarteners randomly selected to attend Idaho Falls charter Alturas International Academy.…

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When it comes to public charter schools, districts just say no

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By Terry Ryan, originally posted on “Why aren’t more school districts in Idaho working with charter schools,” I was asked by a friend recently. This seemed especially odd as 14 of the 44 schools (32 percent) on the state’s list of top performing high schools were public charter schools. The most common way for school districts and public charter…

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The skyline of downtown Boise from a distance

Quality is What Counts – New School Growth in Idaho

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by Terry Ryan  “Growth in Treasure Valley spurs 4 new charter schools” read the headline of a recent Idaho Statesman article. It is undeniable that Idaho is rapidly adding students and families, districts like West Ada are bursting at the seams, and a number of public charter schools have burgeoning waitlists. Growth is opportunity. Quality is our focus, however, because…

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Stronger State Charter School Laws Are Key to Meeting the Needs of America’s Rural Students

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by Terry Ryan and Nate McClennen This post first appeared on The 74 In the ranching community of Carmen, Idaho, the Upper Carmen Charter School opened in 2005. Carmen once had its own one-room school but lost it through consolidation to the Salmon School District. Now this charter school serves about 85 K-8 students in multi-age classrooms. Some 300 miles…

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Shackled Education Pioneers – Idaho’s Public Charter Schools at 20

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By Terry Ryan and Julie Hahn Click to Download the Full Report As Idaho marks 20 years since the first charter schools opened in the Gem State in 1998 it is worth looking back at how the public charter movement started here. That’s the primary purpose of this report. But, as one revisits the history of Idaho’s public charter school program it…

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Building a Community – Charter Makes a Home in Historic Building

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by Kristen McCarver, Bluum The only immediate clue to the age of the building is a brass plaque embedded in the brick on the northwest side. “This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.” There’s a modern glass and steel awning that protects the entrance, and much of the façade is obscured by beautiful, mature trees.…

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