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A student works on homework in the library sitting against a bookshelf

Idaho’s Charter School Students are Learning

Bluum is organized to seek out, vet and support innovative leaders and high-performing school models. Quality is our focus, because quality is what counts.
Bluum is governance neutral. We support public charter schools, district innovation schools, and private schools in Idaho. The majority of our portfolio schools, however, are public charter schools because they are able to operate freely and effectively in Idaho and as public schools receive state and federal dollars for the students they serve and educate.
Data from the Idaho State Board of Education shows the Gem State’s public charter schools are serving their students well academically, across all student subgroups, with Bluum’s portfolio schools leading all schools in all categories for student performance.

Public support and demand for charter schools in Idaho is robust – 73% of Idahoans favor them, and the state garners an outstanding ROI from its public charter school sector. But the most important reason to create more public charter schools in Idaho is to help increase access to excellent education options for families and students.


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