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Expanding Educational Opportunities In Idaho

From a presentation by Terry Ryan to the Idaho Farm Bureau Leadership Conference
We are often asked why we need expanded educational opportunities in Idaho. For us at Bluum it goes back to one of our guiding beliefs, that school choice helps families, children and educators achieve more and do better. We all know that children learn in different ways. Students all have different learning styles and also different interested and motivations. In today’s fast moving society education is being forced to become more personalized, flexible, inclusive and engaging in order to maintain its relevance.
We also know that educators are constantly being asked to do more with less. By 2018, 60 percent of Idaho jobs will require some form of post-secondary education. This need for well rounded, motivated students who will go-on with their education makes the economic demands on schools and educators greater than they have ever been. This demand is compounded by the fact that Idaho’s students have greater needs than ever – 49 percent of our students live in poverty.
We’ve also seen that parents in Idaho want more choices for their children’s education. The Albertson’s Foundation survey Ready for Change showed, “73 percent of parents said they would prefer that their children attend a private or charter school, while only 26 percent would opt for a traditional district school.”

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