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Idaho School leaders at the Civil Rights event

Civil Rights in Today’s School Environment

Legal Updates, Guidance, and Practical Planning Strategies

by Lindsay Trombly

Last week, Bluum hosted a free Advanced Civil Rights Training Workshop for a diverse group of representatives from Idaho’s rural and urban district schools, public charter schools, and more.

The event was led by two nationally recognized civil rights attorneys, the founders and partners at Civil Rights Solutions: Renita Thukral, and Lauren Baum.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for all of these folks that support education in different realms to be together in the same place and work collaboratively and discuss the same issues we are all concerned about,” Bluum’s Special Education Development Director Jennifer Ribordy said. “It was also an opportunity for everybody who has these challenges to get updated information, and some actionable guidance on next steps.”

Partner at Civil Rights Solutions, Renita Thukral, speaks to the group of educators during a session.
Partner at Civil Rights Solutions, Renita Thukral, presents to the group of educators during a session.

Special Education Director and School Superintendent of Preston School District, Brady Garner, said that this event was helpful in talking through accommodations and their implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEP). “I probably have five pages of notes. I need to go back and process it all, but I’m excited to better serve our kids.”

Special Education Director and Teacher Kristi Young from MOSAICS Public School said the event essentially brought her back to her “why.”

In 2019, Bluum hosted the first Civil Rights event, and this free event has continued to be a resource for educators in Idaho, providing updated information and guidance three years later.

Overall, Young expressed gratitude for the professional opportunity. She and is excited to apply what she learned to further refine MOSAICS’s Special Education Program.

Breakout session topics were crowd-sourced from the attendees, to ensure they could have the opportunity to discuss and learn about their own specific challenges. Below are some resources presented at the training, organized by topic:

FAPE, Hot-Button Issues & Adaptive Problem-Solving Student Discipline Discipline and Students with Disabilities
Identification of Students with Disabilities & Significant Disproportionality Title IX: Addressing Sexual Harassment Identifying & Evaluating English Learners Who Also May Be Students with Disabilities
Restraint & Seclusion
This free professional learning opportunity hosted by Bluum and funded in part by Idaho’s Communities of Excellence Program. This is a competitive public charter school grant program funded under the Congressional Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA, Public Law 114-95), which reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 (ESEA). $16,000.00 (100%) of this event funded by Federal CSP Grant dollars.

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