Idaho Federal CSP Grant

Leading the Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools
CSP Highlights as of June 2022; Federal CSP Grant Funding $18,639,773; Number of Schools Awarded 24


A consortium of partners has come together around Idaho’s Communities of Excellence federal CSP program to lead the expansion of high-quality charter schools across our state. Bluum, a Boise-based statewide nonprofit charter school support entity, is project lead. Bluum is organized to seek out, vet and support innovative leaders and high-performing school models. Bluum is joined by Idaho’s primary charter school authorizer, the Idaho Public Charter School Commission. The Idaho State Board of Education and the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation are long-time leaders in Idaho education and school improvement efforts. Both are key members in Idaho’s consortium. The nationally-renowned non-profit charter school facilities finance group Building Hope is the fifth member of Idaho’s consortium.

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