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Supporting Exceptional Students Through Student-Centered Learning Strategies

Online Webinar

In this webinar,  Sharon Plante and Leslie DiChiara will share how they work with teachers and students across curriculum areas and classrooms to prioritize the learning needs of students with disabilities. From coaching, mentoring, and coteaching to using adaptive technology hardware and software, educators can personalize learning for their students. Also, joining the webinar will […]

Collaborative Leadership to Support Teachers and Students During Remote Learning

Online Webinar

Now, more than ever, instructional coaches and technology leaders are collaborating to provide leadership and support to teachers and students learning from home. These Future Ready Schools® (FRS) leaders believe that all students deserve equitable access to high-quality digital resources and innovative learning environments. Working together, they assess, rethink, and redesign traditional learning to support remote learning. In this webinar, our guests will […]

Building Strong School-to-Community Partnerships to Support Student-Centered Learning

Online Webinar

Strong family-school-community partnerships are critical when transitioning to student-centered learning. The relationship between the school and the community can strengthen, support, and transform the learning process for students. Through the Future Ready Schools®(FRS) framework, specifically the community partnerships gear, schools and districts are encouraged to create formal and informal connections with families, local businesses, and […]