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The Future of School: Part V

Don’t Miss the next exciting part of the CER ACTION Series, introducing you to the school leaders whose schools are fully remote, digital and delivering for all kids. Guests: Brian Britton, CEO, of National Heritage Academies has a passion for service, which he strives to live out while serving NHA’s more than 56,000 students around the […]

Facilities Projects in a Time of Risk and Uncertainty: Advice for Charter School Boards

Online Webinar

We will hear from national experts and practitioners, who will share their perspectives and advice, and answer your questions. Tuesday May 5th, 3:00-4:30 pm EST Panelists: Rich Billings, Partner, Charter School Growth Fund David Umansky, CEO, Civic Builders Facilitator: Carrie Irvin, CEO, Education Board Partners

Embrace Financial Stewardship: Key Questions Charter School Board Members Need to Ask in These Uncertain Times

Online Webinar

As times become more uncertain, budgeting, a core board responsibility, becomes more difficult. Boards need to be prepared to ask the right questions and plan for many possible financial scenarios. Join our expert panel for a presentation on how to best operate in this unique environment in order to protect your school’s resources. Come prepared […]

Rural Educators Together

Online Webinar

A space for rural educators and rural school leaders to connect with one another for community and immediate problem solving as they navigate the challenges unique to rural education in the midst of COVID-19. Participants will share their own problem of practice while learning from the challenges, successes and approaches of others in rural education. […]

How Charter Schools Can Lead a Coordinated Community Response in Times of Crisis

Register now to celebrate how the charter school community has gone above and beyond to serve families during the coronavirus pandemic. We will recognize the amazing efforts of our 2020 Above and Beyond honorees, all of which have truly served their communities in a number of creative ways—including some that can be replicated at any […]

Charter Conversations: Jana Wilcox Lavin

Online Webinar

In her role as Executive Director of Opportunity 180, Jana spearheads the organization’s philanthropic investments to provide more kids high-quality education, more resources and data about schools to families, and more great neighborhood schools in Clark County, Nevada. She brings her perspective on keeping focused in challenging times.

Collaborative Leadership to Support Teachers and Students During Remote Learning

Online Webinar

Now, more than ever, instructional coaches and technology leaders are collaborating to provide leadership and support to teachers and students learning from home. These Future Ready Schools® (FRS) leaders believe that all students deserve equitable access to high-quality digital resources and innovative learning environments. Working together, they assess, rethink, and redesign traditional learning to support remote learning. In this webinar, our guests will […]

Charter Conversations: Dr. Marco Clark

Online Webinar

This Founder & CEO’s tough love approach to inspiring his Washington D.C. students to academic achievement earned him the reputation for being America’s Toughest Principal. He brings his passionate and purposeful guidance to us on how to “Man the Block” in every situation.

Charter Conversations: Paul Morrissey

Online Webinar

The Founder & Director of San Antonio’s successful Compass Rose Academy pushes for excellence by raising the bar on education. His “high expectations, productive struggle, and fanatical support” pillars lift the students and staff to reach that bar. He shares how those guideposts have served his organization during the shift to an online educational landscape.