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When Magic Happens – Finding the Right Fit

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Bluum is excited to introduce you to the dedicated leaders and high quality schools that we are working with to ensure Idaho’s children reach their fullest potential. Grace Lutheran School opened its doors to the Pocatello community over 60 years ago.

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Idaho New School Fellows “Elevate” At-Risk Students

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“Innovation is in high demand. Consumers expect it of businesses. Businesses seek it out in their employees. And as we raise and cultivate the next generation of thinkers, it makes sense that we should also demand it of our educational system. This requires leadership that is not content with the status quo. That actively seeks out what’s working in education…

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Innovation in American Education – Discussion with Checker Finn

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Idaho lawmakers, policymakers, school leaders, and education stakeholders joined Bluum for a special dinner presentation about the improvements and ongoing challenges in education over the last quarter-century and what the future holds for students in Idaho and the nation. Our goal was to stimulate discussion around the challenges of the past, the lessons learned from across the country in school improvement…

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New Year, New Opportunities for Ambitious Ed Entrepreneurs

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America’s current education system is not preparing all students for the future demands of college, career, the global economy, and effective participatory democracy. This is a challenge facing all communities – urban, suburban and rural – as student needs become more complex and achievement gaps persist. Bluum helps grow successful schools and develop innovative leaders by offering fellowships to aspiring…

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Leaders in Learning: Bright Future in Garden City

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by Abigail Taylor, KBOI 2 News The founders of Future, Amanda Cox and Brad Petersen, say they want to prepare their students for jobs that do not even exist yet. “Our mission is to develop engineers of the future and of our community,” said Brad Petersen, Founder of Future Public School. “High growth areas in our economy are in computer…

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Rocket to the Moon: Fellows Prepare for New School Launch

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It was a scene one would expect to witness at any summer program in America; students sat cross-legged on the floor of a classroom in a circle, anxiously waiting to be informed of the day’s agenda. But this was no ordinary day, and no summer ordinary program. This was Rocket to the Moon, a 4-week pilot developed by the founders…

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Better Together Than Going it Alone

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by Terry Ryan, CEO of Bluum, for Thomas B. Fordham’s Flypaper Competition or cooperation? The district-charter school debate has swung back and forth between these alternative strategies since the first public charter schools opened twenty-five years ago. No group has striven harder over that period to find a workable balance than the Seattle-based Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE). Better Together: Ensuring…

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Public School Funding Formula Committee Meeting (Funding Simulator)

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As the start of Idaho’s 2018 legislative session draws nearer, the Idaho Public School Funding Formula Committee continues working diligently toward understanding options for school funding in Idaho, since the current funding model was adopted in 1994. This morning, Terry and Marc will explore the student-based budget model with the Committee using the Idaho School Funding Simulator, created with the…

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“Pretty Much Their Dream Job”- Teachers Excited for PIE

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The automatic doors whoosh open to reveal a reception desk occupied by Daniel, the friendly Nampa local who serves as Center Coordinator. Behind him is a large, welcoming, open room. To the right, modern furniture invites students to get comfortable and relax. Teachers’ desks border the left-hand wall, each has a whiteboard displaying a favorite quote and personal artifacts that offer…

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A Shining Example of Success in Rural Education

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High school Graduation is an important milestone in the life of every student, but graduating seniors in Morenci, a rural mining town of about 2,000 citizens southeast of Phoenix near the New Mexico border have extra cause for celebration. This year, nearly one in five Morenci High School seniors have earned an Associates Degree in addition to completing their high school…

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