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Suzanne Metzgar

Expanding Excellence for Idaho’s Children

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By Suzanne Metzgar It may not be gaining national attention—at least not yet—but an educational renaissance is transpiring right here in the Gem State. Bluum is a new organization working to revolutionize educational opportunities for Idaho’s children. Our early successes, combined with the transformational work underway, has the potential to reshape the education landscape for future generations. Created just two…

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Parents’ Guide To Idaho’s School And Learning Choices

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By Terry Ryan and Suzanne Metzgar We’ve created this Parents Guide Idaho’s School And Learning Choices to empower parents! We want to provide a resource that defines your options and offers ideas for how best to take advantage of these for your child(ren). We believe that providing information about Idaho’s many — and growing — learning options can help parents…

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Suzanne and Doug Metzgar

How Idaho School Choice Helps Us Dream Big For Our Children

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Like every parent, we dream big for our children and whenever possible we try to personalize opportunities to meet their individual needs, interests and skills. We know our children well and want to provide them with every opportunity to grow and succeed in college and beyond. The same principles apply to their K-12 education.

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