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Social-Emotional Learning

Kids who attend Upper Carmen Public Charter School stand outside the school

Local author produces a reading series

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by Sue Smith, Upper Carmen Charter School  Sue Smith, long time educator, has just published the fifth book in a five-book series.  This series of books is used to teach very young, deaf, dyslexic, learning delayed, and English as a second language students how to read. She developed this reading program over a period of thirty years, based largely on…

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Second graders create distance between each other

A COVID-19 Education Case Study: Idaho, Local Control and the Pandemic

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by Alan Gottlieb When it comes to reopening schools for in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic this school year, Idaho has been a study in contrasts. K-12 students in some remote rural districts have been back full face-to-face, masks optional and social distancing not enforced, since the beginning of the school year. In some more urban areas, older students are…

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A student walks through rows of books at a library

What is MESH and What Might it Mean for School Accountability?

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In my life before Idaho I helped to lead an evaluation of a school-based youth program in Chicago that focused on some of that city’s most at-risk students. The program’s counselors taught a curriculum that focused on teaching values and skills that would help students stay out of trouble and excel in school. The evaluation team found that the program worked—students in it were less likely to be involved in criminal activity and did much better in school.

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A wheat field at dusk

In Education Poverty Does Not Need to Be Destiny

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The needs of Idaho’s K-12 student population are changing. The Gem State is expected to see net growth in lower income households and net declines in households with annual incomes above $50,000. We are also becoming more racially diverse.

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