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SELF Announces Agreement with Idaho-based Nonprofit Bluum

Through partnership, SELF will provide its customized leadership development approach to Idaho charter school leadership and teachers


NEW ORLEANS, BOISE, ID (July 20, 2022) – Today, New Orleans-based nonprofit SELF, which stands for Special Education Leader Fellowship, announced a multi-level partnership with Bluum, an Idaho-based nonprofit aimed at helping Idaho become a national model for how to maximize learning outcomes for children.

Founded in 2015, SELF is a New Orleans-based nonprofit that trains teachers and leaders to provide high-quality services for students with learning differences. SELF believes in the potential of all students and that educators must take responsibility for student success. Founder and chief executive officer Aqua Stovall has built the organization from the ground up, forming relationships with school leaders, teachers and funders to move the mission forward to meet the need for high-quality special education programming in schools across the nation.

“In my experience, educators want to do what’s best for students, but often lack the knowledge and specialized skills they need,” says Stovall. “I founded SELF to build up special education leadership and teachers by giving them the support and resources they require and deserve. We are excited to partner with Bluum to bring our customized programs to Idaho.”

Bluum is an Idaho-based nonprofit that cultivates quality learning opportunities for all Idaho children and families by cultivating great leaders, replicating high-performing school models and taking risks to develop new approaches so all Idaho students have access to a great education. Working with local, regional and national partners like SELF, Bluum grows innovative leaders and school models through the Idaho New School Fellowship, offers school support and management from in-house experts and shares research and learning innovations to help education thrive in Idaho and beyond.

“We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to partner with SELF to support the critical development of our Special Education capacity for charter school leaders in Idaho. This year-long, intensive program will provide high-level leadership training opportunities specific to the needs of special education in Idaho charter schools, unlike anything previously available in our state,” said Jennifer Ribordy, Bluum’s Special Education Development Director.

“SELF has been diligent in customizing the content to address the unique needs of our schools. This partnership is reflective of Bluum’s continued commitment to investing in high-quality opportunities for our charter leaders, which will ultimately improve the educational experience of our most vulnerable population of students,” she continued.

This partnership is made possible by Idaho’s federal Communities of Excellence Charter School Program (CSP) grant representing $22 million in funds available to help Idaho expand opportunities for students to attend excellent public charter schools that meet and exceed state academic standards. Special education is a critical component of this work and100% of the $85,000 professional services agreement cost was funded by Idaho’s Communities of Excellence Charter School Program (CSP) Grant.

About SELF: SELF – Special Education Leader Fellowship – is a nonprofit organization that supports school leaders and teachers to create authentic support programming. Founded in New Orleans in 2015, SELF now has a national presence through school supports and its two flagship programs – Leader Fellowship and teacher Cohorts. For more information on SELF visit

About Bluum: Bluum is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring Idaho’s children reach their fullest potential by cultivating great leaders and innovative schools. In 2018, Bluum led a consortium of leaders in Idaho education in applying for a competitive Charter School Program (CSP) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to launch, replicate, and expand charter schools across the state. As a result, the Idaho Communities of Excellence (COE) consortium was awarded a $17.1 million CSP grant, which increased to $22.47 million in 2019. 

For more information visit 


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