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Four Idaho Public Charter Schools Awarded $1.9M in New School Grants

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Boise – (February 16, 2023)

Four Idaho public charter schools have been awarded $1,913,068.00 in federal funding from Idaho’s Communities of Excellence Federal Charter Schools Program (CSP). This is the seventh and final round of grant awards under the terms of this competitive CSP grant.  

The grant awards are aimed at increasing the number of high-quality public charter school seats for Idaho families and students.    

These grants will allow the four subgrantee schools to add a total of 1,702 new students. Funding comes from a $22 million U.S. Department of Education grant awarded to Bluum in 2018.   

Members of Idaho’s Communities of Excellence consortium include the Boise-based education nonprofit and project lead Bluum; the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation; the Idaho State Board of Education; the Idaho Public Charter School Commission; and Building Hope, a national charter school facilities financing nonprofit organization.  

Schools and communities receiving Charter Schools Program Grants this round are:  

  • Elevate Academy East Idaho, Idaho Falls – $600,719.71, 486 new seats 
  • Idaho Novus Classical Academy, Avimor – $800,228.88, 702 new seats 
  • Pinecrest Academy Lewiston, Lewiston – $282,691.06, 450 new seats 
  • Promise Academy, Middleton – $229,429.00, 64 new seats 

Winning narratives and reviewer comments are available at:

All dollars for subgrantees were allocated through a rigorous third-party review process approved by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by Bluum. 

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About Public Charter Schools  

A public charter school is nonsectarian in its programs, admissions policies, employment practices, and all other operations, and is not affiliated with a sectarian school or religious institution. Public charter schools are open to all students who apply and cannot charge tuition. A charter school receiving CSP funds must use a lottery if more students apply for admission to the charter school than can be admitted. Idaho has 70 public charter schools and collectively they serve over 30,000 public school students.  

About Bluum 

Bluum is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring Idaho’s children reach their fullest potential by cultivating great leaders and innovative schools. For more information visit 

About the Federal CSP Grant 

Idaho received $22 million in funding in 2018 to be allocated over five years. Ninety (90) percent of these dollars have flowed to public charter school subgrantees for school start-up, school replication and school expansion. A little more than seven percent has been utilized for state-level technical assistance activities and program evaluation/research. Bluum has spent less than 3% of this award on grant administration.