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A mom sits down and embraces her daughter

Education in Idaho Knows Strong Women; May We Raise More of Them

By Angel Gonzalez
March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a date that we far too often overlook in the United States.  This holiday celebrates the contributions to the social good made by women, and our society’s continuous struggle to achieve gender equality.
As an organization who writes about education in Idaho, we want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the women who work tirelessly in this state to improve our schools. They work in our classrooms, in our state’s institutions, and in our legislative halls to benefit kids.
Bluum seeks to empower educators who put children first and support innovative leaders who take risks for all students to rise to their full human potential. This work provides us the opportunity to learn from exceptional women that run and advocate for high quality, innovative schools. Today, we want to celebrate them. We also look forward to learning from the young women who currently attend Idaho schools. May they someday bring game changing ideas to make our society better.
Thanks and we are eager to see how future generations of women will continue improve education in Idaho.

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