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New Resource: The Together Work-From-Home Teacher

Over the last few months, Bluum helped host nearly 30 Idaho educators as part of Together Teacher courses. The program is designed to help educators build the organizational skills necessary to be great classroom teachers. The course trains educators on how to make the best use of their time by “creating customized organizational systems that hold up to fast-paced, high-volume, on-the-move professions.”

These courses have supporting books –  The Together Teacher: Plan Ahead, Get Organized, and Save Time! and The Together Leader: Get Organized for Your Success – and Sanity!. The books serve as excellent how-to guides for educators trying to get organized, focused on the right priorities, and make efficient use of limited time.

But as many of Idaho’s school districts begin to open by going completely online or using a hybrid model, educators in the Gem State and across the country are going to be spending more time teaching from home. To help teachers and leaders navigate this new reality, the Together Group released: The Together Work-From-Home Teacher.

Since this spring, educators everywhere have  had to make big adjustments – juggling their teaching responsibilities and their parenting responsibilities at the same time, trying to figure out how to set up their virtual classroom (but turning that space back into a home after school), and how to set personal boundaries and take care of themselves. The newest book comes with real life examples from educators who have figured out how to make it work, and downloadable tools that teachers and leaders can use to help them manage this new state of being.

Teaching from home presents a new set of challenges to an already demanding job. The Together Work – From – Home Teacher provides a helpful guide and practical resources for any educator who has found themselves leading a virtual classroom from their living room.

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