Mission & History

Committed to creating high-performing schools

America’s current education system is not preparing all students for the future demands of college, career, the global economy, and effective participatory democracy. This is a challenge facing all communities – urban, suburban and rural – as student needs become more complex and achievement gaps persist. Formal public education is particularly broken for low-income and minority students, providing them with fewer opportunities and producing weaker results.


We seek to:

DEVELOP Innovative Leaders
GROW Successful School Models
SHARE Research and Learning Innovations
PROVIDE School Support and Management Help

Too many children are failing to achieve their true potential because their current educational opportunities (for whatever reasons) fail to tap and grow their full promise. Bluum was launched – with funding and support from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation – in early 2015 to lead the way in creating new high-performing school options for the children of Idaho that aren’t receiving what they need from their current educational experience.

As drivers of the Albertson Family Foundation’s “20 in 10” effort, Bluum is committed to creating 20,000 new high-performing charter, private and innovative public school seats by 2025. High-performing seats are those that meet the individual needs of students so that young people can develop not only the basic academic skills like reading, writing and mathematics, but also the habits of mind that make us functional humans like curiosity, analysis, criticism, problem-solving and creativity. Successful education equips young people to manage their lives, while empowering them to give something back to their communities and families.